Photography and Encaustic Adventures in Tuscany.

Photography and Encaustic Adventures in Tuscany.

Bramante Travel is pleased to launch an exciting new program for 2016 – Photography and Encaustic Adventures in Tuscany with photographer Oliviero Olivieri and encaustic artist Nancy Crawford

Join Nancy and Oliviero for one or two weeks in Tuscany creating unique photographic and photo-encaustic works to commemorate your extraordinary travel adventure. Encaustic painting is the ancient tradition of painting with melted beeswax. It is an incredible way to add depth, texture, and mystery to your photographic works. No prior experience with encaustics is necessary.

These intimate travel experiences are set up to promote experimentation, reflection, focus and enjoyment! From savouring the regional Italian culinary delights, relaxing and creating in the stunning former monastery of Sant’ Anna in Camprena, exploring and photographing the picturesque towns of Tuscany, through to producing atmospheric encaustic images, your week in Italy will be magical and transformative.

During your photography lessons on location with Oliviero some of the concepts you will explore include:

  • your relationship with the open landscape
  • how to express details to represent the whole
  • ways to approach and compose the human presence including as a spectator of human activities and human activities as protagonists.
  • how to use available light and framing choices to create powerful and memorable images

Some of the encaustic ideas that you will explore with Nancy include:

  • how to plan your photographic images for encaustic work
  • introduction of paper options for printing
  • how to prepare a panel with your photographs
  • approaches to building up your encaustic surface
  • techniques for glazing and toning your images
  • special effects to incorporate with your photoencaustic works
  • along with a variety of finishing options that will add luminosity, texture, and depth to your works.

(No prior experience with encaustics is necessary.)

These excursions are ideal for photographers and photography enthusiasts, artists of all descriptions and those interested in trying something new. This is also a great program for couples!

Let us look after all the details while you focus on exploration and delight in the hills of Tuscany. Check out the incentives to book these small group, creative travel adventures early! Please visit us at for more information or click to book your excursion today!

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